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Over 10 years and more than 54 conferences around the country.

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SwiftUI / Combine / Structured Concurrency (full day sessions) [iOS]

  • Async await
  • Async sequences
  • Effectful read-only properties
  • Structured concurrency
  • async let bindings
  • Continuations for interfacing async tasks with synchronous code
  • Actors
  • Global actors
  • Sendable and @Sendable closures

Composing Magic with MVI & Kotlin StateFlow [Android]

Why Swift for TensorFlow? [ML]

Android Best Practices [Android] & Building @ Speed of Thought (Design Sprints) [Android]

Where Are Wearables and Where Are They Going? [wearable tech]

Augmented Reality for the Masses ARCore [Android] & ARKit [iOS]

  1. Native iOS using XCode with Swift
  2. Native Android using Android Studio with Kotlin
  3. Native iOS & Android using game engines Unity and Unreal

‘Real World’ not ‘Hello World’ development [Android] & [iOS]

Technology and Fashion Awaken the Soul of the Shoe [wearable tech]

Sessions on Advanced Android Architecture with Kotlin [Android]

Presentations on advanced Swift [iOS] / Kotlin [Android] development

Intensive all day iOS/Swift class. [iOS]

AI & Wearable Technology for the AAU School of Fashion. [wearable tech]

  1. AI/ML
  2. Blockchain with smart contracts
  3. 3D printing.





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Siamak (Ash) Ashrafi

Siamak (Ash) Ashrafi


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