For the love of 360|Conferences

It’s the personal connections that are at the heart of this!

I have often heard that the 360|Dev conferences are amazing.

We need


now more than ever knowing that both iOS and Android are moving to a whole new way of mobile development.

These conferences will allow us to get support and draw inspiration through this major transition.

Both Android and iOS are becoming declarative/reactive!

→ Jetpack Compose:

Declarative “Android’s modern toolkit for building native UI” made reactive with Kotlin Flow.

→ Kotlin Flow:

→ SwiftUI

“Declare the user interface and behavior for your app on every platform” made reactive with Combine Framework.

→ Combine Framework

This is a new day and everyone is beginners again … building for the mobile, wearable, and foldable revolution.

The need to come together and collaborate has never been as great because of all these changes. Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, I am looking forward to attending these conferences and learning all the new details announced at this year’s (virtual) I/O & WWDC.

My personal experience speaking at the 360idev conference underlines the network effect these conferences have.

Speaking on SwiftUI & Combine Framework:

Matthew Fecher @analogMatthew

recommended me to Wiley Press as an author for the upcoming Swift UI for Dummies book. After getting the offer I did some time calculation and settled on being the technical editor for the book.

Some of my other favorite features were the job board (people posted jobs for both iOS and Android), and sponsors/exhibitors provided tons of opportunities for collaborations.

Meeting tons of amazing mobile developers was truly inspiring 🤯

Even after the conference, the effects continue … Apress found the recording of Swift for TensorFlow: (not my best talk IMHO)

Has asked for a video tutorial on the subject. Currently talking with the Google 🧠 team about the project.

I have watched online conferences but they lack the personal connections that organically form at a physical event.

So, please purchase your tickets early and support this amazing developer resource or it might be lost forever.

Good Health and Stay Safe,